A wiki is a type of website that allows users to easily add and edit content and is especially suited for collaborative writing (Wikipedia). That means that on typical wikis, anyone can edit anything at anytime.
Here is a great video on wikis that explains how they work.

Examples of wikis
Wikipedia - a free online encyclopedia
eastwikkers - lists 33 wikis that are worth visiting
Westwood Wiki - The online space for students of Westwood Schools to learn and collaborate.
Weblogged Presentation Links - Will Richardson's info about Wikis
Cullman Collaborative Books - Students at Cullman Middle School are collaborating to write several books.
Hillcrest High School Government Class - Students are creating political parties, campaigning, and holding elections online.
Fayetteville High School Wiki Help - Several teachers at this school have created wikis for their classes.
Mrs. Barnett's History and English Wikis (FHS) - An awesome way to organize your classroom!

Collaborate with other teachers!
EduWikipedia - For all things Education 2.0

How to begin
Choose a wiki hosting service - Free for educators, easy to use, not very flashy - Free for educators, a little more versatile, a little more complicated
PB Wiki - They claim to be as easy as peanut butter, but you have to wait to receive an email before you can begin.
JotSpot Easy to upload files, built-in calendar

Other Information Links I have collected
The PowerPoint from the Octoberfest presentation

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